eduroam @ Carshalton College


The wireless service enables members of the college to connect to the eduroam network and the Internet using their own computers and devices at various locations around the college. This guide contains instructions to connect a computer to the eduroam wireless service.

Manual set-up

Install the college certificate

The eduroam wireless network uses a self-signed certificate as part of the authentication process. You must have this installed on your device to connect to eduroam securly.

First you will need to install the Certificate. The certificate is available here.

You should be prompted to save the certificate, keep note of the location where the file is saved.

eduroam configuration

The next thing you need to do is configure the eduroam connection. To do this we will use the NetworkManager service.:

1. To check you have NetworkManager installed as well as your wireless adapter working in Ubuntu you need to click the wireless icon in the top right corner of the screen and check you can see the eduroam wireless network.


2. If you can not see any wireless adapter or the NetworkManager then you will need to install your wireless adapter and/or install NetworkManager using apt-get.
3. Now you have identified the NetworkManger icon, click on it and select eduroam
4. A window will appear asking you to enter information about eduroam.


5. The information you need to enter can be seen in the image below.
Security = WPA & WPA2 ENterprise
Authentication = Protected EAP (PEAP)
Anonymous Identity (replace 123456 with your username)
CA Certificate = cccert.crt (You will need to browse to the directory)
Inner Authentication = MSCHAPv2
User Name = Your college user name.
Password = Your login password.


6. Now click Connect...
7. You will notice the NetworkManager icon change to a animated icon, and then you should get a message saying you are connected to eduroam.


8. It is now important that you set your broswer proxy settings, along with any other applications that uses port 80 (HTTP).
9. You should set browsers to Automatically detect proxy settings.

Computer Security

It is also very important that your operating system is up to date and protected by antivirus software.