eduroam @ Carshalton College

Apple Mac

The wireless service enables members of the College to connect to the College network and the Internet using their own computers and devices at various locations around the College. This guide contains instructions to connect a computer to the eduroam wireless service.

Snow Leopard & Lion

Please follow these manual instructions for your Snow Leopard device;

Install the Certificate

First you will need to install the Certificate. The certificate is available here.

Step 1 - Configure eduroam

1. The first thing you need to do is configure the eduroam connection. To do this follow these steps:

2. Click on the AirPort icon and then select 'Open Network Preferences'.


3. Now ensure you have selected 'AirPort' from the left hand icons and then click on the 'Location' drop down menu and select 'Edit Locations'.


4. Now click on the '+' icon and enter the location name of 'Carshalton College'.
Now click 'Done'.


5. Now ensure the 'AirPort' is turned ON and then click on 'Advanced...'


6. Now select the "802.1X" tab


7. Click the "+" button in the bottom right corner of the window to add a User Profile


8. Name the profile “eduroam

9. Now fill the fields are below:
10. User Name: (Please read the FAQ Section for your realm name)
11. Password: (Your email account password)
12. Wireless Network: (Select eduroam from the list)
13. Authentication: (Make sure only PEAP is selected)
with PEAP selected click configure and enter the outer identity as your email address.

14. If using TTLS: (The TTLS Inner Authentication should be “MSCHAPv2”)
15. Now click ok.


16. Now click the Proxy tab and make sure only the Auto Proxy Discovery option is ticked


17. Now click on the AirPort tab and click the + button to add a new network.


18. Now fill in the following:
19. Network Name: eduroam
20. Security: WPA Enterprise
21. Username: (Please read the FAQ Section for your realm name)
22. Password: Your email password
23. 802.1X : Automatic


24. Now click Add and then OK.

25. Then Click Apply to apply the changes.

26. The mac should now try to connect to eduroam. If you get prompted for a username/password again, enter your email credentials as previously, you may also get prompted to authenticate the Certificate, click Continue if this is asked.

27. The 802.1X status should now change to Authenticating and then Connected.
The AirPort card should also change to connected.


28. You can now click Apply if it still requires you to do so, and then close the Network Settings window.
29. You should now be able to use the internet.

Step 2 - Configure Firefox

If you use firefox, you will need to configure it in order to access external web pages.

1. Run Firefox.
2. From the File drop down menu select Preferences...
3. In the Options panel click the 'Advanced' icon/tab.
4. Select the 'Network' tab.
5. Click the 'Settings...' button.
6. Tick the Auto-Detect Proxy Settings for this network button.
7. Choose OK and then in the Options panel choose OK again to finish
8. Close and restart the browser.

Computer Security

It is also very important that your operating system is up to date and protected by antivirus software.